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I help busy driven women have a more fulfilling life.

If you are a high-achieving woman trying to get everything done with a "dash" of perfectionism as a lot of us do, chances are you might feel burned out, overwhelmed and have a feeling deep into your core that something is missing. Frustratingly, you might also feel unsure of how to get out of your current situation...

What I am really good at is helping women just like you, step back and reconnect with their true self and desires so they can have a life filled with love, laughter and happiness where everything feels more balanced and clear. 

I also have an incredible ability to declutter my clients' mind from the old stories and unhelpful beliefs that have been holding them back from living a life they deserve.


My work has a powerful blend of invaluable strategies learned from my studies at the renowned coaching school of Tony Robbins and my own personal journey.  


"Together, we will co-create incredible transformation in YOUR LIFE"


Together, we'll dive deep into your self-worth, self-doubts, limiting beliefs, old stories, boundaries, psychological human needs, values, the different parts that are currently making up your identity, designing the real YOU and encouraging you to take bold actions towards your dreams and, desires. 

This is a truly powerful package aiming at co-creating incredible transformation. 


I am known to bring kickass results and transformation.

Those results come if you’re prepared to make radical changes in your life and invest time and energy in your coaching process, which in return will bring you tremendous and tangible changes


Your uniquely-tailored coaching sessions are conducted through video call

so you can access me wherever you are in the world. 


You get unlimited access to me via emails, What's app or text message

between sessions*.


*I reply Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm and within 24 hours. 


The minimum commitment to working privately with me is 5 months with 10 sessions in total for an investment of £2500*.

*Payment plan available at no extra cost

What else is included? 

A goodie bag will be posted to you upon enrolling to congratulate you for the exciting & transformative journey ahead.

  • "GETTING TO KNOW YOU" ANALYSIS (Upon signing up only)

Before we start into our 1:1 coaching, I will send you a few forms to get to know you better.

Filling in these forms will contribute to the process of your transformation.



At the end of each session, we'll decide on your next "feel-good" step that you will focus on.

I base my work around my unique "6 steps to Limitless" which are: 

  • Your Belief system: Identifying what your beliefs are about yourself, others and what do you believe others think about you and letting go of those unwanted stories.

  • Your Needs: Identifying your own needs, understanding your psychological needs for fulfilment so you are crystal clear on your actions and values.

  • The Real You: Identifying the real you, the you without the heavy baggage, the free you, the you that wants to come out, identifying parts of you that have been disowned, being crystal clear about how you want to feel and building the foundation towards embodying the new you. 

  • Your New Blueprint: How are you going to embody "the real you" and identifying clear strategies to support this.

  • Self-Love: Learning how to embody this part of you unashamedly so you can stand powerfully and enjoy your incredible transformation.

  • Shifting Your Consciousness: Empowering the conscious part within yourself so you can be aligned with your true self and desires and, fully present while making decisions and taking actions.  This will allow you to fully embody the real you and stand strong within your new blueprint.

Do you have any questions? Unsure about something? No problem. Just send me an email!

If you are familiar with who I am and my work or if you are absolutely ready to dive in, book your free introductory call now and find out how we can co-create transformation in your life. 

"I now feel that I can achieve a lot more than I thought and anything is possible if you want it enough!

Thank you Sabrina"

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"The Limitless Coach"

Get ready to throw away any BS that is holding you back from achieving ANYTHING you desire.

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