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"The biggest adventure you can take

is to live the life of your dreams"

Oprah Winfrey

Hiya, I'm Sabrina, a Strategic Intervention Coach with the mission of guiding and empowering men and women worldwide to become the person they want to be. I empower people to open up emotionally, spiritually and creatively and to free themselves from their limiting beliefs so they can make brave moves, go for their buried dreams and live lives they once only imagined.

I believe that every single one of us already has all the tools within themselves to achieve incredible things. However, sometimes the journey can be challenging.


  • You feel overwhelmed, starved for time and don't know where to start

  • You are unsure of what you want from life

  • You feel like you've lost your sense of self and cannot remember who you are

  • You do not trust yourself enough or don't have the confidence to step up

  • You are lacking willpower or lost your motivation 

  • You want to have a successful business but don't know where to start

  • You want to lose or put on weight but cannot do it alone

  • You are struggling to have a good relationship with your spouse

  •  children, family members, friends, or work colleagues and don't know what to do

  • You are struggling to meet someone and love

  • You  have a soul-sucking job but still, you are scared to leave 

  • You want more money but don't believe it can happen to you

If some of the above sound familiar, rest assured, it is ok and absolutely normal: you are human!!



You are part of a society that is very demanding and fast pace. It's easy

to feel like you are stuck in a hamster wheel trying to perform constantly

trying to be the best parent ever, have the perfect body, meet all your 

responsibilities, pay your bills, replying to your emails and texts right here

right now, run a profitable business, maintaining a good relationship

with everyone around us etc... Amidst all of that craziness, you are

probably wondering "What about me"? You are in pain.

You are thinking "This is not what I signed up for". 

You know deep down that there is something more to life and what you

simply want is: to free your soul, to follow your dreams and become the person you truly want to be.


I'm here to serve you. I chose to train at Robbins-Madanes Training, the official Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins and the foremost life coach training program in the world because I want to provide the best coaching for you.

A lot of my precious skills come from my soul, spiritual and personal journey. I love to travel inwards by bringing curiosity to what is going on emotionally and physically and challenging myself, to self-enquire and pushing my boundaries, gorging on self-development books, articles and videos, working with my traumas, limiting beliefs, self-love and confidence, researching and experimenting different ways of healing, and of course receiving the teachings from each individual I crossed path with.

I am not perfect and don't expect to be, I have shitty days and low moments like the rest of us, BUT I am committed to offering you the very best of what I’m living and learning.  I am full of fire, enthusiasm, determination and have an unshakable dedication to helping you become the person you most want to be. 

When I work with my clients, I commit to them 100% of myself during the course of my professional relationship with every single client. I take great pleasure and pride seeing the amazing transformation in someone.


"The best time for new beginnings is now"



A session lasts approximatively 60 mins and is run online or face to face.  Unlike many coaches, I provide unlimited communication between sessions so you have access to guidance and support every step of your transformative journey.

Between sessions, I might ask you to do an exercise so you can expand your transformative journey, 

My sessions are tailor-made and never the same. I could ask you questions to know you better, challenge you and your beliefs at times, suggest new perspectives, encourage you to open up emotionally, brainstorm on a topic, invite you to self-enquire, take you through a meditation exercise and share useful strategies.

I do it with your best interest at heart and with a touch of tough love.


You are one step closer to changing your future for the better. Congratulations!

Now, all you need to do is book your free 30 mins call with me by pushing on the yellow button below. This will simply take you to my diary. Just pick a suitable date and time and you're good to go.  


We'll talk about your needs and how I can help you personally. 


Want to know

my story?

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This group is private and free. My mission is to help you embody the divine and powerful being you truly are, so you can become unstoppable and achieve ANYTHING you desire


I love sharing yummy posts filled with mindset tools, coaching questions, uplifting contents, live videos and much more.

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