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Strategic Intervention Coach, people's happiness advocate and manifestation passionate, Sabrina Hall presents...

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I am so so so excited to run this FREE workshop for a second time and share my magical tools with you guys!
I have made a few tweaks so this one should be even better. By the end of this, you will have the desire to work deeper on your money blocks and get an urge to make a real difference in your life. Whooop whooop!! K-CHING!!!

It's time for you to ignite your money mindset and allow yourself to receive wealth and abundance so you can shine bright: you are freaking worth it.

I want you to make the decision NOW, that you will start to think of ways to remove those useless blocks once and for all so you can receive abundance and cash without any negative feelings, shame or guilt attached to it,

As per last time, we will end the session with a gorgeous and powerful money incantations meditation.

Will you join me?

Sending you Love and Wealth,

Sabrina x